How do you know It’s time to say bye to your current job?

How do you know It’s time to say bye to your current job?


How do you know It’s time to say bye to your current job? Most of the time we start finding out a new job because there is a red flag appearing in the environment, like dissatisfaction from your supervisor or there is a disturbance in the organization. But there are less visible but obvious indication that clearly reflect that its time to find out a new job for yourself. We have listed few of them, read these reasons to find out if you can relate to any of below mentions signs that you should upload your resume to job portal or start conveying it to your professional network.

#Your blood pressure is not in your control, your heart disease risk is high:

Your blood pressure keeps moving up or down & on your last visit to the doctor, he told you that you’re at risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) at your last check-up. This may be a time for you to look beyond revamping your diet control to evaluate your work situation. Emotional exhaustion, physical fatigue & cognitive tiredness due to your job is closely linked & increase the chances of CHD.

#You can’t shake the blues, you feel tired all the time:

If you’ve been feeling down frequently & just can’t get out of this easily, you may find that if not fully but largely your job is responsible for it. It is observed in the study conducted by the city college of New York, that people who feel high stress at the job are at great exposure to clinical depression.

#Your Clothes feel tight

While weight gain isn’t inherently negative if you keep gaining weight often, rather maintaining a steady number on weighing machine over time. You should take a look at your work situation too. Late working hours with very less physical movement are the world’s one of the topmost reason for weight gain now.

#You’re more impulsive now

Have you started showing more spontaneous & impulsive behavior now in the recent past? It may be an early indication that what your job is doing to you. When work is taking a toll on your mental health. You’re more likely to make spontaneous, risky and irrational decisions.

How do you know It’s time to say bye to your current job?

#You have to convince yourself every day:

Do you have to convince yourself every day before going to the office, you find there is no energy and all negative thoughts building around you while starting for office. If it holds true in your case it is time for you to find a new job immediately


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