How to clear job interview – common questions and their answer

How to clear job interview – common questions and their answer


How to clear job interview – common questions and their answer. Wouldn’t it be great if we know what interviewer is going to ask during the interview? What would be the questions of the hiring manager in an interview?

Well, we can’t read interviewer’s mind, but what we have done is created may be the next best solution available. We have tried to collect the list of common questions asked during the interview. We would recommend you to spend some time in understanding the thought behind asking these questions however, it doesn’t mean that you are mugging up these answers.

Remember one thing best answers to these questions is yours which is given in ecosystem surrounded near to you!

Consider this list as only a questions study guide!

Can you tell me something about yourself?

This is like a universal question which is being asked by almost all the interviewers during the interviewers. It seems like a simple question many people fail to answer in a manner which impresses an interviewer. You might also hear

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Tell us little about yourself
  • Say something about yourself
  • Describe yourself

We all know interviewers now in present ecosystem knows so much about the candidate even before appearing through his resume cover letter, his linkedin profile & social media profile.

Purpose of Asking this question- Hiring manager is asking this question to you to talk about your professional self. The other reason is for asking this question is to understand candidate ability to answer or structure his/her thought on the unstructured question.

How to answer this question:

  • Keep the focus on your professional experience & skills that will be useful in this new role
  • If it is your first job, talk about why choose particular profession & school.

Cool tip: connect your answer with your resume. 

Why should we take you/ hire you

As you are a candidate you can’t compare yourself with other candidates. All you can do is to describe your skills, traits and expertise to handle this question.

Objective of asking this question –  As an interviewer, it is his/her duty to know candidate as much as possible. Sometime interviewer ask this question to bring the discussion back on track from an unexpected direction.

How to answer this question: there are three possible ways to handle this question.

  1. WIFM: Bring all the facts, skills and expertise what would be available for the hiring manager. Also, do not forget to add how it is beneficial for you also, the common mistake done by most of the candidate they only inform about the benefit to organisation not about themselves
  2. The Company expert: If you have already highlighted your skills much time during the interview. Do not answer this question with skills & your expertise, perhaps better way is to answer this by showcasing your qualities which as a candidate you possess over others. To do that show deep knowledge of the industry & understanding how you might fit in.
  3. Problem solver: frequently hiring for this post is conducting because organisation has some problem which they need to solve it and they want to solve it as soon as possible. Get straight to the point with your response, ideally in detail, how you can offer immediate action on organisation pain point

What are your professional strengths?

To Answer this question, we recommend you to ensure the following three component in your answer.

  1. Honest & Accurate: Be honest with your interviewer & convey what is true to you, not what interviewer is interested in hearing.
  2. Relevant: choose only those strengths which are most specific and appropriate for your job profile
  3. Specific: Be specific while highlighting your strength for example instead of saying “ people skills” convey “interpersonal communication” or “relationship management”. 

What’s your dream job?

With this question, the interviewer wants to uncover the real you, whether this job is in line to you’re your ultimate career path. You should stick to the principle of relevance to answer this question. However, it also doesn’t mean that you have to make up a fake answer. We all know that we can learn something from everything. You can develop an additional skill or sharp your existing skills in your every job.  The key to answering this question is work backward; identify the critical skills and strengths that you will acquire from this job and how these skills will enable your journey to reach your dream job sooner.

Why do you want to leave your current job?

Well, this is a little difficult question to answer. So you should start the answer by saying which you shouldn’t say. Make sure to keep it positive, you will not gain anything by being negative about your past employers.

What we suggest and recommend you to frame things positively in a way which reflect that you are eager to be a part of new opportunity and the role you are interviewing for.  You may also take this approach of showcasing how this job opportunity is/would be better than your current/previous job assignment.

How do you deal with stress or pressure situation?

This is one of the toughest question to answer. As we all know stress in corporate life is increasing day by day & at any point, we lose our temper under the pressure and stress situation.

There is no perfect answer to this question, but your question should cover these points in conversation- situation and stress are different, prioritization of activities for effective management & stress reduction & last but not the least to the management of the situation, not the stress.

Why do you want this job?

All organisation wants to have passionate and enthusiastic people for the job. So it is necessary that your answer should reflect passion as a key element. To answer this question identify the key factors that make this position an exciting one for you as a candidate. Then combine it with your love for the company what elements make this organisation great.

What are your weaknesses?

With this question the interviewer try to find out two things  1) what can be red flags in future if this job is offered to you & 2) he/she also want to evaluate your self-awareness along with honesty. So answer this question you should try to strike a balance by thinking of something where your struggle is but you are working on it to improve your area of weakness.

What is your greatest professional achievement?

This question provides you the platform to say hire me. Put your best to showcase your achievement in a manner by which interviewer is convinced to select you. A great way to answer this question by keeping it precise, short & specific. For e.g.  “In 60 dys, I streamlined the process, which saved 20 man hours of the team each month and reduced invoice error by 35%”. This statement is straight & precise and the interviewer can get the sense of your achievement without spending too much time on it.

Where do you want to see in next 5 years?

The hiring manager is asking this question to know 1) if you have a realistic goal and expectation for your career, 2) if you have any ambition or not & 3) if current position aligns to your goal, expectation, and growth.  To answer this question you need to be honest, specific and precise about your future goals.

What’s your salary expectation?

The golden rule to answer this question lies in the research you have done on the platform like glassdoor & payscale. You should try to state the upper limit of the range & support it with your experience, skills & education. Negotiate hard to get the maximum salary but make sure you are flexible too. Three golden rule of salary negotiation are

  • Don’t be afraid to be aggressive
  • Focus on your target price
  • Be flexible

 If you want to get the answer to any other interview question please leave the question we will add & share it with you.


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How to become invaluable at work.

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