How to make a complaint to customer service and get your problem resolved

How to make a complaint to customer service and get your problem resolved


How to make a complaint to customer service and get your problem resolved. Most of us experience a miserable time when we call the customer service. Customer service department of the brand is normally created with the intention of helping customers. But when it is asked to service, they look here and there & provide all the possible excuse to not serve. There is another category of companies who will test your brain capability with their complex IVR and process and leads you to think that processes are made for us (customers) or we are for these processes.

We have tried to list down few tricks & steps to help you out in navigating the maze and getting favorable results from customer service.

#Fact check: Before making a call to customer service you should read all documents provided by the companies like all applicable terms & conditions, warranty documents. Collect invoice & past complaint details if any. Define ahead what solution is acceptable to you & prepare notes of points and facts.

#Clear your head from anger: Prepare yourself before making a call to customer service, keep in mind that you are making a call to resolve your problem and your best friend in this process is your calmness. In a simpler word do not throw your anger on a customer service agent who is going to help you in resolving your problem.

#Follow the Hierarchy: Start from the bottom, register your complaint from the first point of registering it whether it is a call center executive or writing a mail to complain department or submitting your complaint at companies office. Follow the complete hierarchy for resolution, reach out at the level of customer service team who is authorized to take decision for solving your problem. Along with registering your complaint also ask from the entry-level executive that which level and department are empowered to take a decision in order to solve your problem. Escalate your concern with senior authority if you are not satisfied with the solution offered by call center executive/ customer service executive. Still not satisfied ensure you reach till the top of the customer service team pyramid

#Written communication: Prefer written communication through e-mail or letter for registering your complaints. The moment you choose a written mode of communication for your complaint resolution process, the chances of getting solutions improves rapidly. Each written communication creates a documentary proof during the conversation which can be used against organization if required in the future.

How to make a complaint to customer service and get your problem resolved

#Reach out for help from experts: reach out to digital tech-based platforms offers complete solutions from drafting your complaint to follow-up like. Companies like help consumers to get an effective solution to their complaints.

#Go social: Almost all the organization keep a close watch on social media platform to attempt the safeguarding of brand reputation. Put your complaint on social media to ensure that your concern related voice reaches to a wider base. However, while putting a complaint on social media platform, do not share any sensitive information all open platform.

#National consumer helpline: Call the jago grahak jago helpline to register your complaint against the brand. Call center numbers and other details can be obtained from

#Look for champions: There are many local TV channels, Radio & Newspaper who runs consumer rights & support programs. Approach them with all facts and documents & they can approach the brands on your behalf.

#Consumer courts: reach to consumer court located in your area, submit your complaint application and file a complaint. It is so simple that you don’t even need to hire a advocate for filling an application. However, it would be an advantage if you have a good lawyer on your side but this is not mandatory to have a lawyer to file a case in consumer court.

#Be creative: use out of the box idea to showcase your problem to the world, e.g. make meme of your problem, create song put it on social and digital media to get people attention but make sure this options are to be used in last, in most of the cases you would not require to reach to this level for getting your problem solved.

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